will you be a successfull breeder on Howrse

Do you play Howrse? If so I am sure you want to know what kind of breeder you are. Take this quiz to see if you will be successful on Howrse. I hope you like the result.

You might be rich or a mod, a normal player just enjoying the game. You could be a horrible plpayer or a bankrupt player. Take this quiz to find out and let me ask you... What player are YOU?

Created by: Gethorses
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If someone says something mean or insulting you...
  2. In your free time you...
  3. What is the best breed to breed?
  4. Which is better?
  5. What is your main prioroty to breed?
  6. What annoys you?
  7. How much karma do you have?
  8. If you have lost karma why?
  9. Did this quiz help?
  10. Would you like to be a mod?

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Quiz topic: Will I be a successfull breeder on Howrse