Which Howrse Player Are You? 2012 Version

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There are a lot of you out there who wants to improve Howrse, improve yourself, or deprove (if that's a word) Howrse. This quiz is for all of you out there who play Howrse. If you don't play it, you can still take it.

Are you a breeder? A saver? A Mod? Rich? The future of Howrse? Interesting? Nice? A troublemaker? You don't know? Well, you can find out now, from just a few clicks!

Created by: BlindMist
  1. What do you do when you first get on Howrse?
  2. What forum are you most likely to go to?
  3. What horses are your favorite?
  4. Uh yeah.
  5. Something that you like about your profile
  6. Down down do your dance, do your dance.
  7. Did you enjoy this short little quiz?
  8. Just kidding, it's not over yet. Are you mad?
  9. What would you most likely want to be known for?
  10. Do you like to congratulate people?
  11. Do you know what WNTP stands for?
  12. Do you run a successful EC?
  13. What most likely describes your dream horse?

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Quiz topic: Which Howrse Player am I? 2012 Version