will you be a good warrior cat

Erin Hunter and her Warriors series is probably my favorite author. I read all of her books and know just about every one by heart. That is what inspired me to create a quiz.

How would you be at fighting as a cat? What about hunting? Guarding? Patrolling? Take this quiz and see how you would be placed in a clan. Find you warrior potential with every decision you make.

Created by: Gravydog

  1. You are a kit and are told to stop playing with a mouse you have and thank starclan for it.
  2. You have just became an apprentice and are talking about it with your ciblings,you say...
  3. You are going to your first gathering and are super excited.
  4. You have just become a warrior.What do you do?
  5. You have just fallen in love,but the she~cat/tom is hanging out with another cat.You...
  6. You are going to go on a patrol to chase a badger out of your territory...
  7. You are expecting kits.
  8. The kits are about to arrive.What do you do?
  9. You are the new depudy!
  10. You get hurt training an apprentice who forgets to sheath his/her claws.

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Quiz topic: Will I be a good warrior cat