Will you be a "FatBoy"

This is a quiz for teenage guys. Have you ever looked at one of the fat guys walking down the street, and wondered wether that would ever be you? Take this quiz to find out if your nickname will become Speedy (YOURNAMEHERE) or Fatty(YOURNAMEHERE)y.

This quiz is not meant to offend anyone. Don't be upset if THIS is your result... (Go to Google Images type in "Chubby Guy" and it is the second result)

Created by: Kevin
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your current status?
  2. Which food do you prefer?
  3. Which type of Coke do you prefer?
  4. Which best represents your activity?
  5. Do you plan on drinking alcohol in your future?
  6. How do you view your future weight at age 25?
  7. Are you afraid of putting on weight?
  8. Is your dad fat?
  9. Which best describes a trip to McDonald's?
  10. If somebody called you fat, your response would be-
  11. You find a large satchel of Hershey Bars.
  12. Which type of Cable do you have?
  13. Your weight compared to others of similar ages and similar builds is...
  14. You view yourself as...

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Quiz topic: Will I be a "FatBoy"