Does This Guy Like You? (teenage Years Only)

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Guys, Boys, Dudes... The mysteries of life. We girls don't understand them. And we never really will. Only guys know what they want, but only for themselves.

"What does he want? Who does he want? Does he want me? Or does he want someone else?" These are the questions we ask ourselves, but they never get answered. Is it possible to know if a guy wants ME? Until now, the answer would be no. But thanks to this Quiz, you can get amazing answers in just a few minutes!

Created by: DarkTiger12
  1. Are you guys already friends?
  2. Do you ever catch him staring at you or another girl?
  3. If he`s your friend, is he a good one? I mean, does he treat you properly?
  4. Admit it, do you think he`s cute?
  5. How long have you known each other for?
  6. Do NOT lie from now on... These are gonna be the hardest to answer, and if you want the real answer, answer what comes from your heart. Now here's the question: Will You Fight For Your Friendship?
  7. What is he?
  8. Does he ever Really Try to make you laugh?
  9. How old is he to you? Any difference?
  10. Have you ever told anyone: "I love you." (Family members don't count...)
  11. Has he ever asked you to do something with him? If yes, romantic or not?
  12. What does he act like?
  13. How does he like his women? (Awkward, I know, but this is an Important question!), and like you, or not?
  14. This is the last question, which is unimportant... But let me tell you, relationships are not jokes, there very important. There not games, and if you get stuck with a guy that is just gonna use you... Well... I've had it happen to me, and I was depressed for a while... But this quiz is to help you find the right guy to stay with. So, are you ready to get your answer?

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