Will Taco Hero save you?

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Taco Hero is a huge taco fan. x3 And he wants all of us to love and enjoy tacos. Will Taco Hero save you? Will he love you? Take this quiz and find out if he will.

Ignore this part. Pretty much sum everything up in the firt paragraph. xP Ignore this because its wasting your time. I can't believe you're still reading. XD

Created by: Taco Hero
  1. Do you like tacos?
  2. How many tacos do you eat?
  3. How many times?
  4. Do you like the smell of tacos?
  6. You are hungry and the nearest place to get food is Taco Bell. Would you go?
  7. Would you be upset if there wasn'tanymore tacos?
  8. okay. That'sit. Bye!

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