Will Justin Bieber marry you? (no mean comments)

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WILL JUSTIN BIEBER MARRY YOU!?!? HI! Will Justin Beieber marry you? Could YOU be the one for Justin? Take this quiz and find out! Please rate and comment(no mean comments please and no cussing either I'll just delete it)

Enjoy! \/.\/ This is my quiz! I hope you like it and get the results you wanted! If not, well then I'm soo sorry but this quiz isn't your quiz, I guess...HAVE FUN!!!

Created by: lexi

  1. Justin Bieber came up to you in a tux and a rose and ring and said "Will you marry me?" how do you respond?
  2. you LOVE Justin Bieber, HATE him or in between?
  3. Justin Bieber came to your house one day:) what do you do?
  4. Is Justin Bieber your favoritest person in the whole wide world?
  5. Justin Bieber is MINE and ONLY MINE right?!!?
  6. Justin Bieber is soooo cute right?
  7. Is Justin Bieber a good singer?
  8. How often do you think about Justin Bieber?
  9. almost done ok?
  10. are you a boy or a girl?
  11. last question. will you rate or comment? (NO MEAN COMMENTS AND NO CUSSING EITHER!) plz?

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