How Well Do You Know Justin Bieber's Songs?

There are many girls with Bieber Fever, But few Bieber-Haters. And I am One of the Bieber Fever bunch!! Bieber Fever is someone who i crazy about Justin Bieber!! And do you want to find out if you are one them? If you do then take this quiz!!!

Are you a Justin Bieber Fan? Do you know all of his song's? if you want to find out then just take this quiz an dmaybe you could be his perfect match!!!

Created by: bekka

  1. "It's like an angel came by and took me to Heaven, cause when I stare in your eyes it could'nt be better"
  2. "Now's tha perfect time for me to taste your lip gloss, No teachers around to see us dancing close Im tellin you our parents will never know"
  3. "I'll be an item, girl quit playin, we're juss friends what are ya sayin, said there's another look right in my eyes, my first love broke my heart for tha first time'
  4. "I can't swim on my own it's too much feels lik eim drownin without your love, so throw yourself out to me your my life saver (lifesaver)"
  5. "Does he love you tha way I did? Did you forget all tha plans that you made with me, cuase baby I didn't"
  6. "Just a fraction of your love fills tha air, as I fall in love with you all over again"
  7. "Mamma you were always some where and Daddy I lived outta town, so tell me how could I ever be normal somehow"
  8. "Now Romeo And Juliet bet they never felt th eway we felt Bonnie and Clide never had to hide like we do we do"
  9. "You seem like tha type to love him, leave him then dissapear right after thah show. So give me tha night to show you and hold you dont leav eme out here dancin alone"
  10. "And every time i hold ya near I never want to let you go (oh oh) Love me love me say that you love me fool me fool me how ya do me kiss me kiss me say that ya miss me tell me what i wanna hear tell
  11. "I will fight I will fight till forever make it rock whenever you knock me down I will not stay on tha ground pick it up pick it up pick it up up up up..."
  12. "Take my open heart and all it offers cause this is as unconditional as it'il ever get you aint seen nothin yet I wont ever heasatate to give you more.."
  13. "When I met you girl my heart went knock knock now them butterflies in my stomach wont stop stop even thoughg what tha struggle love is all we got imma keep keep climbin to tha mountion top"

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Justin Bieber's Songs?