Which Of My Favorite Lana Del Rey Songs Are You?

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Hello fellow Lana fans. I have created this quiz so you can know which of my favorite Lana songs you are. Obviously I have so many favorite that I could not list them all here, but I listed a few that I love.

All these songs are different and most are from different albums. The answer may surprise you or it may not. The questions are pretty easy but I encourage you to think before you pick and BE HONEST.

Created by: Chokacola

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a crush?
  2. What do you care about most?
  3. What Lana Song Do You Relate To The Most. (These Songs Are Not The Results!)
  4. What Is Your Dream Job?
  5. Do You Have A Secret?
  6. Pick A Lana Album.
  7. Pick A Color
  8. Which Is Worst?
  9. Past, Present, or Future?
  10. What Power Would You Want?
  11. What Is Most Important?

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Quiz topic: Which Of My Favorite Lana Del Rey Songs am I?