Will I date you ?(girls only)

There are many people in this wide world and all them a different but one thing common between all human beings is that they always try to find that one person with whom they wish to spend their whole life. Many people find that person and happily live ever after while some may not be that much lucky of a person but where is the harm in trying ?

So are you the one for me , well maybe you are or maybe you are not try the quiz and find the results if you score high then hello sweetheart and if not then there are lot of other people in the world surely one of them will be for so let's take the quiz and please contact me if you score because what is the harm in trying

Created by: Barney Stinson
  1. How old are you ?
  2. What is your gender ?
  3. What kind of music do you listen ?
  4. OK here is my description- I am tall, fair, good looking, have no acnes or pimples on my face, have a lean structure hope you will find it alright( I told you the truth)
  5. OK now your turn
  6. Do you play vedio games ?
  7. Where do you want to go on our first date ?
  8. Do you want to in a serious committed relationship ?
  9. Well many people call me over- perfectionist ,lazy and arrogant. Are you fine with that ?
  10. See ya pretty lady

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