Which member of 9MUSES is your soulmate?

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We all love and adore 9Muses. They are the perfect human beings, enlightening our world just with their presence. Their smiles are brighter than the sun and their tall bodies make us swoon....

But did you ever ask yourself, which of the 9 is your soulmate? Take the quiz and find it out! :D I made this for all the MINE out there, who love our Muses the same way I do. Have fun ^^

Created by: Talisa
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  1. Hello everybody! We will start with a simple question: What is your favorite color?
  2. What is your blood-type?
  3. What are your hobbies?
  4. Do you have a role-model?
  5. You are a superstar, living in Seoul. Everybody loves you and you sold so many albums that even international companies want to promote you. Your life is perfect, except for one thing: You don´t have this special someone, who you can share happiness and sadness with. Today is Thursday, which means that you have to go to a music broadcast. You step out of your van and want to enter through the back door, when you see the most beautiful being on this planet. She is standing right in front of you and once she see´s you, she smiles at you and you feel like floating on Cloud 9. What will you do?
  6. No matter what happened, you are inside the building now and just finished the Dry Rehearsal, when suddenly another equally pretty girl comes into view. You wonder, how it is possible that there are already two girls running around here, that are your ideal type. Is this some kind of fate? You go down the stage and greet the other singers and staffs. It turns out that both girls are part of one group, 9Muses. All 9 of them come over to greet you. How do you react?
  7. A few days later, you have to shoot "Happy Together" with 9Muses, but only Sera, LeeSem, Minha, Hyemi and Kyungri are there. The other 4 have different schedules. When Yoo Jaesuk asks you, where you would like to sit, what is your answer?
  8. You finished the program successfully and the next stop is "Incarnation" with Sunga, Erine, Eunji and Hyuna. You try not to be nervous, after all, there is not relly a reason to be nervous. The seats are normally arranged by the staff, but today Kim Gura asks you where you want to sit. It feels like a Deja-Vu to you, but you still have to decide. Where do you want to sit?
  9. The show progresses smoothly, when suddenly Shin Dongyup asks you about your ideal type. You get startled, because you never talked about it on TV before. What is your ideal type?
  10. The MC´s are satisfied with your answer and temporarily talk about something else. You relax in your seat and look over to the person sitting next to you. It´s her time to talk and the MC´s ask her, in what year she was born. She answers that she was born in 1994, then suddenly the MC´s turn to you again, and ask you the same thing. So, in which year were you born?
  11. After the show, you finally have some free-time. Your manager drops you off at your house and you dress up to go out. What clothes are you wearing in your free-time?
  12. Thank you for taking this quiz! How did you like it?

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Quiz topic: Which member of 9MUSES is my soulmate?