Your Ideal Significant Other.

Ever wondered what your ideal soulmate would be like? This tell-all quiz will let you know what type of person best fits you based on your honest answers to these questions.

Do you fit with the athletic type? Or maybe the odd or silent type? There are many possibilities. The quiz is medium length, and highly detailed and accurate. Will you dare to try your fate?

Created by: Jackie
  1. What do you talk to people about?
  2. What color combo do you like best?
  3. Which continent would you most likely visit?
  4. What is your favorite gemstone?
  5. What girl name do you like best?
  6. Which character from the Lion King would you most likely be?
  7. Which one?
  8. Which one could you better live with?
  9. Which one?
  10. Which one?
  11. Have you ever stolen anything?

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