wich one piece character are you

there are many people who knows one piece but i notice only in china japan are kids that really know much of it. im dutch in holland there are almost none kids i must tell them about it before they know it so if you know one piece play this quiz

are you someon in one piece but you dont know who. then you must do this quiz. i was tellde i was like Luffy but i dindt know it for sure so i made this quiz for other people so they can know who they are ^.^

Created by: raychel

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. wich weapon would you use
  2. wich devil fruit would you wanted to have???
  3. do you like one piece
  4. what do you give this quiz
  5. wich couple is the best??
  6. who is the maker of this Quiz??
  7. yes or no??
  8. are u sure??
  9. you likde this quiz??
  10. i still need one qeustion you know one??

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Quiz topic: Wich one piece character am I