Which Bella Twin Are You (Nikki and Brie)

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There are not a lot of Bella masters but not a lot of not Bella masters in this quiz you can see were you are at team brie no team Nikki no no no no NOOO by the way you will find out what Bella twin you are.

Are you a Bella master well let's see about that cause it's hard to remember all those facts by the you will find out what Bella twin you are Nikki or brie Bella?

Created by: Parker
  1. Nikki Bella or brie Bella.
  2. Would you get fake boobs?
  3. Witch Wwe superstar.
  4. Witch diva do you want to come back.
  5. Does not effect your answer please say amazing😍
  6. Witch Wwe couple is the best.
  7. What Wwe diva do you want to leave?
  8. Best move (Wwe divas)
  9. What type of diva are you?
  10. Hate or love the Bella twins.
  11. Team brie mode or fearless Nikki.

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Quiz topic: Which Bella Twin am I (Nikki and Brie)