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  • Men are easy to understand. I aced this quiz, simply by being negative, cynical and understanding two simple rules about men:

    1) If his lips are moving, he's lying! - In other words, there is not a man alive a woman can trust! A an will say or do ANYTHING to satiate his libido.

    2) No man can make a single move, without first checking with his crotch! The old joke about trying to run 2 heads at the same time? Never has there been more truth to a joke.

  • Women it's just about paying attention, that's all... Remember ladies... We are there creators;-)

  • honey I do not think that women will ever be able to understand men, I think that men are from another planet.

    miss berry rose
  • No secret I'm married! I learned about men from my mother first then my dad then my 13 uncles! =~)

  • I had a high score but i cant tell my crush i love him,and how he feels*shivers* :(

  • It's just about paying attention 2 signs they give off... Pay ATTN LADIES!!!


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