Why me? (LOVE STORY) part 4

im sorry it took this long to make this it was hard bkuz of my last quiz ith the twist but i made it have fun and be safe i hate 150 so much i wanna kill it

*Name* means your this person kk? I had to do this to make it different it was a fun quiz thanks for taking plz leave me helpful hints if you think it need improvment luv ya bye

Created by: babybella
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  1. Okay the last time we meet you were with Mike and aiming at Andrew.
  2. You take aim and shot but in mid air the bullet stops, turns into a dart, and heads back to ya! Everything goes black. *Nick* As soon as Ryann falls you rip off a piece of the wall (which happens to be metal) and throw it at Mike and Lilly. Mike dodges it but Lilly gets smashed. "Andrew!" you yell. Andrew understands and makes bolts around her. (she is still understand the metal) Lilly screams with furry. "Mike!" she yells. "Get Ryann outta here." Mike grabs Ryann and starts to shot at you. You rip off another piece of metal off of the wall and use it as a shield. Jake knocks over Mike sending Ryann flying. You drop the shield and run to cauch her. You jump up and caught her.
  3. You land safely on the ground. Jake runs over to you. "Let me take her home," he says. You kiss Ryann on the lips gently and hand her over to Jake. You head over to help Andrew fight while Jake takes Ryann home to safety. *Jake* You run home carrying Ryann. She is still knocked out. "So Nick does luv you too," you think. When you get home you put her in her room and watch her sleep. "Ryann, what have they down to you?" you ask out loud. After awhile Nick and Andrew come in. Nick is all mad as usual. You roll your eyes. "How is she," Andrew asks. "Fine, Shes been out the whole time," you say. Andrew, Nick, and you decide to take turns watching her. Nick goes first. You wake up to yelling. "Why didn't you wake one of us up?" Andrew yelled. "Because i didnt want to! You guys hug Ryann all the tie! Jake gotta be her best friend all her life!" Nick yells back. You moan. "Now i know how Andrew fells when Me and Nick fight." you think.
  4. Okay so now you are you again. Not Jake or someone else. You Ryann.
  5. When you wake up all you hear is screaming. "Good," you think. "Maybe I can get outta here." You try to open the door but its locked. You pound on the door. "Let me outta here you creeps!" you yell. The yelling and screaming stops and you hear them coming up the stairs. You turn around, sit on the bed, and cross your arms. They open the door and come in. Jake heads over to you and sits next to you. Nick leans in the doorway. And Andrew just stands there.
  6. "You guys lied to me," you say. "No. We would never. Ryann we luv you," Nick says. "Thats what i thought," you say back. "Ryann they are telling the truth," says another voice. You look at the doorway and there stood Lilly. "What do you mean?" you ask. "Mike brainwashed us both. He is evil. When we where little he got me but Jake saved you from him." she said. "No! They got you too!" you yell. "Ryann no look into your heart," she says. You "look" into your heart and "see" shes right. They do luv you. Not for your powers. You hug each of them. "Wheres Zack?" you ask after you hug Nick. "Ryann.... he is dead," Lilly says. You freak out and run down stairs and head outside. Jake chases after you but you are still faster. After awhile running you stop. You are crying. You just fall over. Before you hit the ground Jake grabs you and holds you while you cry. "Its all my fault," you stumble out. "No, its not. He was doing what he had too," Jake tells you. He calms you down. You fall asleep crying. "Its all my fault." you keep on thinking. You wake up in a field. You sit up and see Zach. You run over to him but before you get to him he flys up. You stop. "Zach!" you say all happy. "How could you," he says. "What?" you ask him. "Let me die. ITs all your fault," he says. "I was passed out!" you yell. "Its all you fault. ITs all your fault....(etc)," he says while you run away. As you run away it gets louder. "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT....(etc)," he says. You trip and fall over a clift. "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!" he says while watching you fall.
  7. You sit up in bed. "It was only a dream," you think. You get up and take a shower, get dressed, and then head down stairs.
  8. When you get down stairs you think of something.. "Andrew since we all have powers do you think we could bring Zack back to life?" you ask. "Only if one of us had healing powers." he says. "But he can only be saved before 100 days after dealth." "Does anyone have this power?" you ask. "Nope not yet," Jake says. "But you could get it. Everyday we gonna find new powers for you so you might save," Lilly says. You say..
  9. Andrew takes a drop of your blood and puts it in the thingy to find your powers. You wait awhile. "Ryann some of your powers you have developed so far are......."
  11. Make part 5?
  12. Who you luv?

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