Why do your'e friends value you?

Why do your'e friends value you? There are many reasons why, but i broke it up into three parts. Only 13 questions long, and then you will know whey they value you. I mean, there got to be a reason!

I am sorry if this quiz was offensive in any way. If it was, please tell me so i won't make the same mistake again. Thank you! Have fun! Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: lovetakes2
  1. What do your'e friend's say about you?
  2. What is your'e favorite color? (sorry u hate dis question)
  3. Where do you go with your'e friends?
  4. What do you do with your friends?
  5. How much text talk do you speak on a scale from 1-10?
  6. You are waking to a very important meeting, and all of a sudden, you see a small girl fall. You know you don't have time but you help anyway! Do you:
  7. You want to do something special for your'e friend because something bad happened to them. Do you:
  8. There is a new kid in town named Leigh and she is from Mayotte, a small island in France. Everyone thinks she is weird. Unusual name, country not heard of, etc. But you just can't take it ! You want to meet her! You greet her by:
  9. Done with "imagine" questions! Anyway, what program of these sounds like fun?
  10. What pet of these would you want?
  11. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Why do my'e friends value you?