whose your celeberity twin

there are many celeberties but only few twins NOT you and you and you have a celeberity twin of your own we all have a little superstar in us but not all of these so called superstars are the same only on stage or on the big screen.

who is your celeberity twin do you have any idea how scary and exciting the answer can be just take the quiz and thank me later make sure to comment and enjoy the quiz atleast try to have fun bye!

Created by: joanna
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. chinese or italian food
  2. which is worse one extra chore or an f on a test
  3. what do you normaly have for breakfast
  4. do your parents know the real you
  5. whose your favorite set of celeberity twins
  6. what would you name a kid boy
  7. make a randomn face wich one was it
  8. sweet sour or spicy
  9. which instrument?
  10. what colors make up the cuban flag
  11. how do you describe your homework teacher
  12. coke or pepsi
  13. im thinking of a number 1 -26

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Quiz topic: Whose my celeberity twin