Are you a true Twin Peaks fanatic

Twin Peaks, the classic ethereal and oblique television series from the early 90's has developed quite a cult following of fanatics. Take this quiz to find out if you qualify as one of them.

You are about to partake in the ultimate, premiere Twin Peaks fan quiz. Only the committed few will pass this extensive test of their Twin Peaks knowledge. Get a piece of cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee and prepare for the query.

Created by: William Harrison

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  1. In what location was Twin Peaks filmed.
  2. Who conducted the somewhat oblique introduction to each episode
  3. To whom does agent Dale Cooper dictate on his tape recorder
  4. Name Laura Palmer's best friend, played by actress Lara Flynn Boyle
  5. Mr Hurley is the proprietor of what business located on Highway 21 just outside of Twin Peaks
  6. Who located Laura's body down by the shore
  7. Albert Rosenfield gladly takes a punch from the Sheriff and gladly turns the other cheek due to his committement to follow the path of what leaders
  8. Name the Sherriff of Twin Peaks
  9. What is Agent Cooper's middle name
  10. How many days passed from the discovery of Laura's body until the arrest of Laura's killer
  11. Who killed Laura Palmer
  12. What is Dr Jacoby's favorite state, where he also attended university
  13. What is Agent Cooper's favorite pie to accompany his damn fine cup of coffee at the place where pies come to die; the RR Diner
  14. What is the current name of the real life cafe in whicn the RR diner scenes were filmed in North Bend, Washington
  15. In what city did Agent Dale Cooper grow up
  16. After Audrey's telling of these potential investors to Benjamin Horne's new country club of her friend's brutal murder, what call could be heard as they walked out
  17. How much of the town does Ben Horne own
  18. Name the 268 foot twin waterfalls located below the Great Northern Hotel(aka-The Salish Lodge)
  19. What was Major Briggs' miliary assignment in Twin Peaks
  20. How did The Log Lady's husband die
  21. Which David Lynch project preceded his filming of Twin Peaks:the series
  22. Agent Cooper is concerned about the plight of what occupied nation
  23. After being shot three times in the torso, The Giant appears and tells Cooper all of the following save which of these
  24. Nadine Hurley is obsessed with inventing what item
  25. Agent Cooper's dream of a dancing dwarf and a woman who looks like Laura Palmer, but is not, and who's arms sometimes bend backward, takes place in what color room
  26. According to the legend as recounted by Deputy Hawk, where is the place of dark forces that pull on this world-a place of nightmares; shamens reduced to crying children; angry spirits pouring from the woods; graves opening like flowers
  27. Name the truck driver and perennial wife abuser who becomes incapacitated after meeting up with a bullet
  28. What was the name of Twin Peaks sole source of media
  29. Where was Josie Packard, whom Sheriff Truman calls one of the most beautiful women in Washington, discovered by the late sawmill owner Andrew Packard
  30. Who is the owner of the RR Diner
  31. On what networks have Twin Peaks appeared
  32. As Leland Palmer moans,"We've got to dance for laura," What song is playing on the record player
  33. What is Agent Cooper's room number at The Great Northern
  34. What is the name of Leo Johnson's truck
  35. What is the name of the most popular television show in Twin Peaks
  36. What did the one-armed man sell before he sold shoes
  37. What was not one of Laura Palmer's extracurricular activities.
  38. What is the name of the casino/brothel located just accross the Canadian border and secretly owned by Benjamin Horne
  39. When is the annual Twin Peaks Festival held in North Bend and Snoqualmie, Washington
  40. In winning its time slot, what rating did the series premiere of Twin Peaks receive from Neilsen

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