Who Wrote This Beatles Song?

There are lots of Beatles songs but do you know the story behind them? Test your knowledge of who wrote which Beatles songs with this quick quiz!

Also, there are a few songs that the Beatles covered that everyone seems to think they wrote. Do you know which these are? And don't be fooled by who sang on the recording either, it doesn't always mean that a song was written by the Beatle who sang it. Anyway, enjoy the quiz!

Created by: hofner bass

  1. Which Beatle wrote "I've Just Seen a Face"?
  2. Which Beatle wrote "Help!"?
  3. Which Beatle wrote "I Need You"?
  4. Which Beatle wrote "Twist and Shout"?
  5. Which Beatle wrote "Don't Pass Me By"?
  6. Which Beatle wrote "Do You Want To Know a Secret"?
  7. Which Beatle wrote "Don't Bother Me"?
  8. Whcih Beatle wrote "Octopus's Garden"?
  9. Which Beatle wrote "Till There Was You"?
  10. Which Beatle wrote "P.S. I Love You"?

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