Which Beatle Are You?

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Aah the Beatles... Who doesn't know at least 2 of those sweetboy's tuneful songs? Only a dead man that's for sure! Ha He! How do the Beatles create such Euphoric Hits such as Imagine... Maybe you have it inside you all along.

Find out YOUR inner Beatle with this simple and easy quiz! Are you the peaceful soul of a Lennon, or perhaps the melancholy soul of Ringo. We all have a bit of Beatle blood after all!

Created by: ABCDEAF
  1. First thing you do when you wake up?
  2. Do you like Gaming and/or being a Gamer?
  3. You are speeding in your car on a one-way street, through very thick woods with a mad gunman chasing you and shooting at you from behind. Up ahead, you see a pedestrian crossing the street. You figure you have enough time to stop to let him cross, but with the thick woods, you cannot drive around him. Would you:
  4. What is the purpose of death?
  5. Are you a Goth, Prep or Emo?
  6. How itchy are you?
  7. Do you like my quiz?
  8. Which Beatle are you?
  9. Do you know what it is to have to do the where it is not in?
  10. Is?

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Quiz topic: Which Beatle am I?