Who Would Your Boyfriend Be?

Let's find out who your boyfriend would be. This quiz only works if you like guys. Anyways, have fun and make sure you finish this quiz because it is great.

What type of boyfriend would you have? There are so many options, I can't even list them all. But I found some and put it in this amazing quiz for you.

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  1. You see an ad in a magazine. It says, Pick your Dream Guy! You see a chef, an artist, an athlete, and a teacher. Who do you choose?
  2. You have a chance to go to a football game or stay at home with your dog. Which one will you rather choose?
  3. At the school play, what actor would you rather be in Romeo and Juliet?
  4. What movie would you rather watch?
  5. What place would you rather visit?
  6. What's your favorite type of phone?
  7. Who's your favorite celebrity?
  8. What do you do when you go to the gym?
  9. Which of these apps do you have on your phone?
  10. What picture would you draw?

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Quiz topic: Who Would my Boyfriend Be?