Who would you be?

This little quiz is designed for fans of Sharkycast's stories. It is designed to be a bit of fun to ascertain which of the main characters you most closely resemble.

All of the main characters have had various accidents and casts in their lives, but other than that they have quite different tastes and personalities. Which one are you?!

Created by: sharkycast
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  1. When you get dressed in the morning, what concerns you most regarding your clothing choice?
  2. How do you travel to work?
  3. You see a kitten trapped up a tree. What do you do?
  4. What is your best / most striking feature?
  5. What's your ideal meal?
  6. What about your favourite drink?
  7. What are you views on sandals?
  8. Fast cars are...
  9. You have the misfortune to break your leg. While in plaster, you...
  10. You are asked to take part in a charity marathon race. What do you say?
  11. You drop something heavy on your toe. What to you do?
  12. You come across a tiger which has escaped from the zoo. What do you do?
  13. What are you views on being stuck in a plaster cast for a broken limb?

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