How will you die?

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This quis was designed to tell you how you are going to die by the three main causes of death. I hope you get the knowledge that you seek.

So take this quiz if you want to know how you will die.

Created by: pyrowolf

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  1. Do you live within walking distance of any major highway?
  2. Are you any where near a sleepaway camp?
  3. Do you live near a graveyard or indian burial ground?
  4. Have you ever bad mouthed a trucker?
  5. Have you ever bullied a mentally challenged kid? (be honest, your death is on the line!)
  6. do you believe that zombies could invade some day?
  7. have you ever seen a big rig?
  8. Do you own a machette or a hockey mask?
  9. Where would you go if zombies invaded?
  10. Will you rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: How will I die?