Who would win in a fight? (Fight settler quiz)

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Do you and your friend wanna decide who would in a fight (without actually fighting)? Do you wanna settle who would win between two fictional Or nonfictional characters) If any apply, this test is for you!

In the context of this quiz, answer honestly by what you know about each opponent. Decided who will be person A, and who will be person B, and then find out who wins at the end of the quiz!

Created by: scratchmaster

  1. Who can lift/press more?
  2. Who can punch harder?
  3. Who runs faster?
  4. Who is more agile and quicker in battle?
  5. Who knows more about pressure points and where to hit?
  6. Who is a quicker and better thinker/strategist?
  7. Who has the weight advantage?
  8. Who can take more hits to the genitals (balls for boys, breasts/vagina for girls) and other sensitive areas?
  9. Who can last longer before getting too tired to fight?
  10. Who has more fighting training?
  11. Who can control their emotions better?
  12. Who fights dirtier?
  13. who fights more?
  14. And last, who has more athletic skill?

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