Would You Win a Fight Against a Guy? (For Girls)

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Are you a girl who thinks you could beat up a guy in a fight? Well let's put you to the test to see how you'd really fair against a male! Or if you just wanna take it for fun, that's good too!

Please answer honestly, and don't forget to have fun with this quiz! Share and give a thumbs up if you enjoy it and think your friends would too! Lol please enjoy.

Created by: idk
  1. How strong are you?
  2. How fast are you?
  3. Where would you aim?
  4. Does it hurt when you get hit in the vagina or breasts?
  5. How tall are you?
  6. How skilled are you at fighting?
  7. How ok are you with hitting a guy in the balls?
  8. And if you did, how would you hit them?
  9. Are you pretty?
  10. How clever are you?
  11. How skinny are you?
  12. And last, have you ever fought a guy before?

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