who will you marry (for boys who like girls)

Boys like girls, it's a fact. Boys date girls, also a fact. Boys MARRY girls, its another fact. There is a girl out there, waiting for you, so whenever you feel alone, remember there is a girl who dreams about you every night.

Who is meant for YOU? Take this quiz and see. First, i should tell you it doesn't give you her name, just the first letter of her name, her personality, and how many kids and pets you will have. Hope you enjoy the quiz!

Created by: emily66.66% me.com

  1. what color are your eyes?
  2. what color is your hair?
  3. if your were to describe yourself, you would say, "i am..."
  4. ...are you fat (be honest if ya want the quiz to be acurate)
  5. randomness test
  6. where would you take a girl on a date?
  7. lets say you like this one girl. you ask her out, she say yes. but she asks you WHY you want to date her. you say...
  8. you have how many dogs
  9. favorite food?
  10. what your favorite songs?
  11. final question... i have a crush (im a girl by the way), i want to get him to like me (my friends think he likes me im not sure)but i dont know if he does so if you could tell what a boy acts like when they like a girl, just tell me in commets thanks
  12. bye

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Quiz topic: Who will I marry (for boys who like girls)