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  • Is a nerd sometimes. He always asks for attention. He is not a big fan of animals(likes to hunt). Can be attractive and charming at times. Is kind and sweet but can be insensitive.

    a nerd who hunts? wtf XD

    lol, i wouldn't like a guy who hunts (well, i just isnt into hunting, plus what did those poor animals do to him ?)

  • Chris

    Is an adventurist. Is brave and romantic. Loves animals. He revolves around you and can be clingy. He might not have very many friends. Attractive in your eyes

    Good quiz!

  • I got some guy named Nathan, but I know I'm going to marry Dan. (I couldn't help but notice that there was a guy named Dan on this quiz... is he the same one I had in mind?)

  • Chris, cool quiz


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