Who will you marry

I wrote this quiz so you can't find a man that you know you will get I was motivated to write it because there weren't much quiz like this so I chose a quiz like this why

Because I wanted to know who I was going to marry so I was like why' don't I just make one and so I did I worked on it for about twenty minutes so yeah that my story

Created by: Jessica

  1. Where would you go to get married
  2. Who would you kiss
  3. Where would you live
  4. What is love to you
  5. If you could date any girl celebrity even if your a girl who will you chose
  6. If you could live in any of these destinations where would you live
  7. What would you rather eat as a fruit
  8. How would you prefer to die
  9. If some said I love you on your 2 or 3 month being with each other what will you do
  10. How many kids do you want

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Quiz topic: Who will I marry