Your professional team

I was motivated to create this when I took a quiz myself. I felt like creating one in the process. So I knew that someone's future would be interesting. So I chose sports.

I chose sports because I knew definitely most of the world loves sports. And most of America likes basketball. If they wear to be in the nba, they want to know what team they'll be on.

Created by: Mitch Miscevich
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which position are you in bball
  2. Where on the court do you usually shoot?
  3. When do you play your best
  4. Who do you like most out of the following?
  5. Which player are you mostly like?
  6. How often do you practice?
  7. Where would u like to play?
  8. Which team do you think has the best player?
  9. Which team is the hardest to make your opinion?
  10. Which do you think u can make?

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Quiz topic: My professional team