Who will you fall for?

Ok, so take this quiz and me will be happy face! Tako head! Omnomnomnom! *too busy eating to rite* googles taste weird. U rock! *sniff* ^_^ O~O ;D XD @.@ -_-' =) >:s :P :| >=D

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Created by: ShUdduP

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  1. Summer's over, yo ready for school. After all, if someones pissing u off, just walk right up to them and punch them in the face. You see a couple of people. Who catches your eye?
  2. You go over to yo bestie, Milo, give him a huge hug, and he shrugs you off and glares. You
  3. Wats up? You ask. He walks away, leaving you alone. You
  4. Another guy comes up. "hey, its me!" you turn around. "Jakob! Dude, how was yo summah?" u 2 talk for a while, then his twin, Luke comes up and smothers you in a hug. Jake shoves him away.
  5. You apologize for kicking Luke in the balls (assuming you chose the last one) and walk over to where your friends are. Then brendan sprints to where you are, jumps on top of you like an excited puppy.
  6. You and Brendan laugh for awhile, then you hear your name. Grant waves you over. Trevor and him talk to u for a while, and then they both lean over and kiss you on the cheek.
  7. Bell rings, you go to yo homeroom. You sit next toooooo......
  8. Seth. He's quiet at first, but u manage to make him talk. At the end of class, he kisses you.
  9. Blah blah blah..... After school, u Go to cold stones. U bump into....
  10. Something hits you. You black out.
  11. Ok, bye bye.

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Quiz topic: Who will I fall for?