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  • Who will you date?
    Your Result: David Cook

    You got the American Idol winner of 2008. David cook. You like to travel and listen to his music. He's very romantic and likes to listen to you life story. I hope you can stay with him and make each other happy!

    Johnny Depp
    Edward Cullen
    Kenny McCormick
    Heath Ledger

    kewl, luv music, music=life literally. oh and ppl who think edward is hot, twilight is very old now, and jacob is the one who is hawt!! he is freakin HAWT with his haircut. edward is......... now not, srry.

    x aka mrlq x
  • Yes Im wit Edward he's sooo Hot

  • okay, i am gonna date david cook? i know who he is, but really, people, i am not gonna ever have a boyfreind. take my quiz, how tomboy are you. this one is okay.

  • No Edwards MY man I'm bi

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Johnny Freakin' Depp In His Younger Days... Halleujah!

  • lol, bella got herself killed so now im with edward! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    laughy taffy

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