Who the hell is Emily?

Well, lately, all the people around me seem to think they know all there is to know about Emily. And now I would like to put that to the test. On the outside I am just a wild young chick renting you apartments. But there is more to Emily, you will see...

So you really think you are ready to do this? Okay, but remember taking this quiz may scar our relationship for life, because if you score badly it means either a> you should leave me alone and we should never talk again or b> I need to spend some more time with you, hmmmm which is it?

Created by: Emily Ellis
  1. What specialty is my $40,000 bachelor's degree in?
  2. What are my siblings names?
  3. What is my cat's name?
  4. Where do I work?
  5. What was my nickname as a child?
  6. How old am I?
  7. What town am I from? Hint: Not Tecumseh
  8. What is my biggest fear?
  9. What is my biggest turn on?
  10. What do I HATE the most
  11. What color are my eyes?
  12. What family is taking over Village Green?
  13. What is my mother's maiden name?
  14. What song did I dance around and sing to when I was 3 and it is the only home video in our family?
  15. While singing "Im bad" what does it sound like I'm yelling?

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