Who TF Are You?

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Have you ever taken the time to really wonder who TF you are? Well this quiz will answer that and all your deep questions about life and your inner self.

Take this quiz to see who you truly are. It's like Aleu in Balto II, but not cause you aren't a wolf girl......or are you? This quiz will tell you. Take it, please! It's my kink!

Created by: Dr. Sombrero

  1. Someone is DYING! How do you react?
  2. Choose someone to SMASH!
  3. Choose a tool!
  4. It's the scene from Lion King where Mufasa gets YEETED off a cliff. Who are you?
  5. You get an acceptance letter into EAH. How do you react?
  6. Pick a color:
  7. Pick a bird.
  8. Choose a random ass name:
  9. Pick an animal!
  10. Choose a dog breed!
  11. Are you alone right now?
  12. Are you sure?
  13. Do you feel safe in your own home?
  14. Are you being watched?
  15. Are you sure?
  16. Choose a song!
  17. Pick a Hobby!
  18. Pick a Dish!

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