Who said what on disney channel?

You may have taken a bunch of quizzes that determine if you know the Disney stars or not but this one determines if you know what they say. So come on take this quiz you will love it.

Do you really listen to what our Disney stars say during their shows? If you take this quiz, you will know if you really listen to their quotes. You might be surprised with some of the questions.

Created by: Mary

  1. Who said "My mom named a baby gorilla after you" on disney channel?
  2. Who said "Your parents are getting all PG 13" on disney channel?
  3. Who said "Like Cinderella, before the bibitty babitty boo" on disney channel?
  4. Who says "Yes,yes I am" on disney channel?
  5. Who said "Noooo,the arm pit" on disney channel?
  6. Who said "Your face is so fat" on disney channel?
  7. Who said "She is a hand full" on disney channel?
  8. Who said "You must be hungry all the time" on disney channel?
  9. Who said "I love you square" on disney channel?
  10. Last question. Who said "Ours will be a forbidden love" on disney channel?

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