Who's your fruits basket bf?

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Hey fruits basket fans! I hope you like my quiz! A few of the questions might seem like they have nothing to do with anything but trust me, they do. :)

Greetings Earthling!!!!! well you ARE from earth so... Do you wanna take my quiz? I think you do. IF YOURE A FRUITS BASKET FAN, TAKE THIS QUIZ! Who's your fav character? Mine is Momiji

Created by: tomatosniffer of Yummy musik
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  1. Some guy is telling you he doesnt like your hair color what do you say?
  2. Who's your favorite female character of fruits basket?
  4. Pick a Smiley face
  5. Which of these songs do you think describes you?
  6. You are forced to escape your house while you were alone because some guy with a gun broke down the door. All you have is 2 full water bottles, and the clothes off your back. What's the first thing you do?
  7. Did this quiz cure your boredom?
  8. Your best friend's butt is on fire. what do you do?
  10. Last question.

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Quiz topic: Who's my fruits basket bf?