Which Fruit's Basket Guy Is Best For You?

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Fruits basket is a huge manga series and there are plenty of males who are each very good-looking in their own special way. They each have different characteristics that make them who they are.

YOU can find out which of the top 7 Fruits Basket males is perfect for you. Just take the quiz and in a few minutes you'll know which of these boys are your soulmates!

Created by: MiniMangaFan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick your favourite hair colour
  2. What is your favourite job?
  3. Long or short hair?
  4. Tall or short?
  5. Favourite eye colour?
  6. Do you mind if your boyfriend is a little bit pervy?
  7. Do you like show offs?
  8. Pick your favourite quality
  9. Is it alright for your boyfriend to have multiple piercings and tattoo's?
  10. Is it alright if your boyfriend has temper issues?
  11. Would it be okay if your boyfriend had dark secrets?
  12. Should your boyfriend do everything he can to protect you?
  13. Favourite animal?

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