who`s your crush on Another Cinderella Story

In this magical, Musical, and meeting of Joey Parker(Drew Seeley) and Selena Gomez (Mary Santiago) is a fantastic adventure through time and the making of the movie!

So what are you waiting for?!? Come on, I know you want to come and join Selena Gomez in this thrilling movie, and plus who knows maybe the movie will happen to you one day

Created by: Kaleah

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what`s your favorite color
  2. what`s your favorite thing to do
  3. what`s your favorite song
  4. Who`s your favorite singer
  5. if you choose someone to date who would it be
  6. who`s your favorite character on another Cinderella story
  7. if you were going to a wedding what would you wear
  8. What would you do to your hair when going to a ball
  9. What couple do you like is/was the cutest?
  10. Where would you want to meet your true love?

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Quiz topic: Who`s my crush on Another Cinderella Story