Who Killed Katie Williams? part 3

Please stay tune for part 4. You wouldnt believe what will happen. Wonder who's next? Is it you? Take part 4 and find out. Oh yeah i all most forgot please rate and comment.

Their is more on the way. Please rate and comment. You wouldnt believe what will happen. Wonder who's next? Is it you? If you wanna know take part 4 and find out.

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. It's Megan! She is your best freind. Someone walks over and they have a gun. She wkes up and sreams, then they shoot her! You see a guy and his running a way from someone. Who is that guy? you wonder.
  2. Its Michael! What is he doing? Why is he running? Someone in a car is driving faster and faster, Their trying to run him over! Michael falls and they kill him.
  3. You wake up crying. You call Michael but someone answers. Were your dreams real? Are they really dead?
  4. You call Megan, no one anwsers.
  5. Then your phone rings. "Hello" you say in shock. "Who's nexts?" a voice says. Wait that voice sound liked Edwin's, be it cant be his because he does have your number.
  6. You wake up the next day. "Honey your school got cancled." your dad said. "Why" you ask. "I dont know" he says, then he leaves. Why is my school closed? you wonder.
  7. "Hey mom, im going to Megan's." you say. "Ok be home by dinner." she says. Then you leave. You are at Megan's house. "Hi Mrs. Summers, where is Megan? "Oh um... she's.....she's dead. "What!?" you yell. If Megan dead Michael might be too.
  8. You run to Michael's house. His parnets tell you the same thing. You decide to go home but something stops you. You realize your in a pool of blood.
  9. You try to walk throw it but it gets deeper. You start to drown! You wake up you in The Batman Trails. Someone grabs your arm. You start sreaming.
  10. Its ok you were just dreaming. You wake up in your bed, then your door opens. All you see is someone with a bloody knife. What do you do? Think fast because their getting closer and closer.....

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