Who Killed Katie Williams?

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Created by: magicmovement

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  1. Your name is Annie Williams, your sister Katie Williams was murder. They never found her body. That not your only problem, the killer is after you and your freinds. Will you risk your life for them? Or leave while you still can.
  2. It's the first day back at school. The whole day you were depressed and sad. "Annie are you ok?" asked Michael. You and Michael have been freinds since 3 grade, he also been there for you. "Im fine" you mummble. "Hey Annie!" yells Edwin. He's your ex boyfreind and you two hate each other. "What do you want werido?" "I just wanted to say sorry about your sister." he says "Thanks." you say.
  3. Your mon picks you up early. "So how was school?" she asked. "Fine" you say with a fake smile. "I just wanna make sure your fine" she says. "Mom im fine ok just... just leave me alone." you say crying.
  4. Its been a long day so you decide to take a nap. You have this werid nightmare about a diamond necklace around a girl's neck. You see three guys staring at her. Then they walk away with blood on their jacket and shovels.
  5. You wake up in the woods, but wait you know this place. What was it called? The Batman Trails. You always wanted to go there, well you go your wish. But something not right. How did you get here? Who put you here? Just calm down and relax your still dreaming.
  6. This time you really wake up and you are on your couch. "Honey are you ok?" your mother asks you. "Yeah im fine." you say startled. "Ok im going to the store, your dad should be home soon." she says. "Ok bye mom." you mummble. When she leave you run to your room and grad your phone.
  7. You call Michael and tell him everthing. "Well do you think its real.?" he asked. "I dont know!" you say. "Well do you understand it?" he asks. "No" you say. "This is what i do, go back to sleep and see your dream to the end." he say. You realize hes right. "Ok ill try it, thanks mick love you, bye." you say. "Bye see you tomorrow." he says.
  8. Before you fall a sleep the door bell rings. "Who could that be?" you say. You open the door and you see Anjelicia. She kind of bisexual,but she is maddly in love with you. "Hi" you say. "Hey, im really sorry about your sister." she says. "Thanks, do you wanna come in?" you ask her. "Oh no i have to go, ill see you at school." she says. "Ok bye." you say. Then you notice her necklace,it has the same diamonds and its shaped as a heart. Was Anjelicia the girl in your dream?
  9. You heard back to your room and go to sleep. Then you start to dream.
  10. You see the boys and they have the necklace. They are opening a door and putting on a girl who is a sleep.
  11. Then you wake up and you cant believe who is right in front of you and around your neck.

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