Who is your Wings of Fire soulmate?

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ALL RESULTS ARE MALE!!! Results include: Winter, Clay, Starflight, Qibli, Turtle, Sky, Blue and Swordtail. The title basically speaks for itself. See who your WoF soulmate is.

Please don’t take these results too seriously. It’s entirely for fun. I hope you get who you were looking for and have fun while answering my questions.

Created by: CougarTheSandwing
  1. If you were a dragon in WoF, what tribe would you be?
  2. What option best describes your personality?
  3. If you chose who won the War of Sandwing Succession, who would you pick?
  4. If you were going on vacation, where would you go?
  5. What do you look for most is a friend?
  6. What is something that is always on your mind?
  7. Would you get a pet if you were in WoF?
  8. What pet would you get if you got one?
  9. Where would you live?
  10. What is your style?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Wings of Fire soulmate?