Who is your WayV soulmate based off your birth chart?

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Take this quiz to find out who you are most compatible with in WayV based off your birth chart. Hope you enjoy :) remember this is just for fun and isn't 100% accurate!

Note: for this quiz, you will need to know your sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, juno and rising/ascendent signs. if you don't know these, you can find out easily on cafeastrology.com

Created by: laura
  1. how old are you?
  2. what element is your sun sign?
  3. what element is your moon sign?
  4. what element is your mercury sign?
  5. what element is your venus sign?
  6. what element is your mars sign?
  7. what element is your juno sign?
  8. what element is your rising/ascendent sign?
  9. which zodiac sign is your favourite?
  10. finally, who is your wayv bias? (this won't affect your result, i just need at least 10 questions djksd)

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Quiz topic: Who is my WayV soulmate based off my birth chart?