Who is Your EXO Soulmate Based on Your Zodiac Chart

This is an EXO-K quiz, I'm sorry it's not in the title. I could make an EXO-M quiz, if you want. Tell me down in the comments if you want an EXO-M quiz. Other than that, have fun!

Note: you must know your sun, moon, venus, mercury, mars and Juno signs for this quiz. If you don't, cafeastrology.com does fantastic charts, as does astro-theme and astrodienst.

Created by: luka

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What element is your sun sign?
  2. What element is your venus sign?
  3. What element is your moon sign?
  4. What element is your mercury sign?
  5. What element is your mars sign?
  6. Do you know the element of your Juno sign?
  7. Sorry, but I need 12 questions to give you your results, these won't affect them at all. How are you?
  8. I didn't ask about your rising sign, because I only know Sehun and Chen's rising sign.
  9. Sehun is a Virgo rising, probably. I'm not sure. And Chen is a Sagittarius rising. Again, not sure
  10. Well, I hope you had fun taking this quiz, and I hope you like your results. Fighting!

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Quiz topic: Who is my EXO Soulmate Based on my Zodiac Chart