How Well Do You Know Switched At Birth?

Think you know Switched at Birth? Take my quiz and find out! Good bye and see you later. Do you know American Sign Language like in Switched at Birth?

Please rate and comment! And by the way, I know American Sign Language! You should learn it! Its fun! Good bye and thank you!!! Bye! So long! Bye-bye!

Created by: GabiGirl
  1. What are the girls' names?
  2. How old are Bay and Daphne when they find out they were switched?
  3. How many years has Regina known about the switch?
  4. What does Bay look like?
  5. Who was Bay's first boyfriend?
  6. Who gets arrested for tagging a billboard?
  7. Who is Toby's band-mate and Daphne's boyfriend?
  8. Who does Emmett sleep with when he is mad at Bay?
  9. Who is Toby?
  10. Who is Olivia?
  11. What season is Switched at Birth in?
  12. Who are deaf?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Switched At Birth?