who is your naruto boyfrend

didu evere voch naruto vel find your naruto mach ider you like it or noth(haha)iz it the smar sasuke or the determent naruto or iz it somone elsefind out

naruto fans kome and se whos your gai dont be shi like hinata find your perfekt naruto mach he cant vait eni longer(haha)(ples rate mi quis,ples,ples,ples,im beging,in agud vai)

Created by: helen

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whots your favorith color
  2. whots your personaliti
  3. you get an A rank mision
  4. your one true love is ingurde in a batel and is dieing
  5. sasuke edmits ne liks you,you
  6. your criing vhot dos your boyfriend do
  7. whot cinde of a ninja are you
  8. (end)who wuld you like to get
  9. (not yet mi folth)wots your vepon
  10. your tehnik is

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Quiz topic: Who is my naruto boyfrend