Who is your immortal parent?

In the Percy Jackson series, people are always talking about what cabin they live in. Now its time for you to find out! There are nine gods/godesses, and you MUST take this test!

From Athena,Ares, Aphrodite, and Apollo to Poseidan,Zeus, Hades, Demeter,and Hera, take this test to find out which cabin you belong to. So get going!

Created by: Annie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite sport/hobby?
  2. Which is your favorite animal?
  3. Which god/godess is your favorite?
  4. Choose the answer you like best.
  5. What is your favorite food?
  6. Describe your school rank.
  7. How many teachers hate you?
  8. Do you have a weird friend?
  9. Has anyone ever betrayed you?
  10. What is your fatal flaw?

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Quiz topic: Who is my immortal parent?