Who Is Your Harry Potter Girlfriend?

Find out which Harry Potter girl you would most likely date if you went to Hogwarts. You will find this out based on linked interests, similar topics, or similar points of views.

Will you date Hermione, the smart Gryffindor, Luna, the quirky Ravenclaw, Ginny, the brave Gryffindor, Cho, the popular Ravenclaw or Pansy, the mean Slytherin.

Created by: Jack
  1. What house are you a member of?
  2. Which male character(s) are you most like?
  3. Who is the best professor?
  4. What type of person are you based on the amount of money you have?
  5. Have you ever had any girls truly flirt with you?
  6. How are your grades?
  7. What house would you like your girlfriend to be a member of?
  8. How do you feel about the Order of the Phoenix?
  9. How do you feel about the Death Eaters?
  10. Would you ever consider being a member of Dumbledore's Army?

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Quiz topic: Who Is my Harry Potter Girlfriend?