Who is your Gakuen Alice Boyfriend

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Don't you ever want to know which boy from Gakuen Alice is right for you? Well this quiz will give you an idea of of who.

There are three options - Mindreader kid/Koko, Persona/ Rei Serio, Nasume, Ruka/luca-pyon, Yoichi/ Yo-chan and Tsubasa! So i thought id make it so that, if you get like, Koko , it means that you are like the person that he ends up with. Not that you are lie him.

Created by: Ophelia
  1. Hate me all you want, but favorite color?
  2. Choose one to describe you.
  3. Which do you wish you had ?
  4. Okay so someone calls you ugly. What do you do?
  5. Okay so i wanted to say that just because you got someone as your boyfriend, doesn't mean that you are like them. I am making this quiz so that you end up with the person who ends up with the person like you.
  6. Who is your favorite?
  7. Favorite type of music?
  8. Choose one!
  9. Favorite animal out of the following?
  10. Which animal do you think of yourself as?
  11. Favorite Place to go?
  12. Which ability Class do you think you would be in?
  13. Thanks for taking my first quiz!! :-) this has no affect

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Quiz topic: Who is my Gakuen Alice Boyfriend