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  • Who Is Your Future Husband?
    Your Result: Taylor Lautner

    You love strong muscular guys with a great personality! He is very charming and cute and he'll always make sure you are well taken care of ! He is very strong and into ti kwon doe !

    AWESUM!!! I LUV HIM!!! sadly the next person was zac efron, the only zac i know is gay so.....hehe not very good for efron

  • Ewwwww/: You have ugly references here._____. I got Zac Effron. Wtf? EW.

  • i just took this test. got taylor lautner too. who is he? i don't know if this test is true or not, cause i don't wanna get married.

  • EW, EW, EWWWWWWWW. I got Zac Effron. Wtf?... None of thosee guys you've listed are cute at all.. Ew.v____v


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