Who is Your 1D boyfriend>

Hope you liked it! Well, I hope you liked the boy you got for the results! I tried my best, with the knowledge I had, to make good answers for my questions!

Louis is so funny! He is always cracking jokes if he's awake! i think Eleanor is a very lucky girl, and that she and Louis are really good together!!!

Created by: ponyfreak123
  1. What Color eyes do you have?
  2. You look for what in a guy
  3. What hair is best on a boy?
  4. What else do you see in a guy?
  5. What do you look at?
  6. Favorite Song?
  7. Last day of your life?
  8. Are you hungry.
  9. Where do you stand in your group of friends?
  10. Choose an emotion

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Quiz topic: Who is my 1D boyfriend>